Junnie and Zach Wedding Teaser – Destination Wedding Europe – Castle Wedding

I’m so pleased to share just a small sample of the wedding we just shot in Europe. I was very flattered when Chicago couple Zach and Junnie invited us to shoot their wedding abroad and couldn’t have been more excited to go back and see what new art and images we could deliver. Kelly Redinger and I worked together on this wedding, like we had last year in Scotland and we have some very interesting news that you’ll hear about very soon. I’ll leave it at that.lol Zach and Junnie had a picture perfect wedding day, sunny and warm and at a castle! What more could you ask for? It is taking me all of my will power not to show you some of the day after images but to just tease you with the wedding day shots that only I took but please hang tight on the complete wedding and the epic day after session shot by both Kelly and I.

A very special thanks goes out to Lucy Swanson from Premier Wedding Planners Scotland for putting together an amazing day! And to David and the fantastic staff at the Duisedale House Hotel which hosted the reception, a beautiful and picturesque hotel.

If you are interested in checking out some of the rest of my trip this summer please feel free to check out my latest blog with pics from the adventure here: Scotland 2013